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The African Drone Business Challenge is a business plan competition to stimulate African entrepreneurs to identify new and innovative commercial use cases that become possible in a drone enabled ecosystem. Imagine an Africa with low mobility costs and just in time delivery or with massive amounts of new imagery for mapping and monitoring - what new opportunities could exist in e-commerce and data services? These applications can impact a broad array of sectors and can include services related to land digitization, analysis and tenure; agriculture or livestock services, infrastructure maintenance and asset monitoring, as well as emerging applications taking advantage of increased access, resolution and timeliness of high resolution imaging capabilities for disease surveillance, urbanization tracking, and flood impact assessment. .

Participants can range from an individual entrepreneur or an early-stage startup to an innovation team within a small business, corporation, or government that focuses on integrating drone services or applications into their business models. To be eligible, you must be an African citizen or diaspora who propose business concepts that would operate in Africa. Submissions do not need to be drone companies, but rather focus on concepts and customers for new business opportunities enabled by technologies such as UAS. Business plans will be evaluated and provided feedback by a panel of local and international experts. Significant consideration will be given to proposals that demonstrate both economic and social value to their communities.

Ten finalists will be invited to attend the Africa Drone Forum (ADF) and Africa Tech Summit and will receive pitch training, exhibition space, mentoring and the opportunity to pitch their business ideas live to a crowd of industry leaders, investors and government officials. The combined ADF and Africa Tech Summit will offer networking potential with over 1,000 participating digital leaders, tech corporates, technology regulators, banks, mobile network operators, and startups from across Africa. Finalists will compete for cash prizes up to 40,000 GBP. For more information, please visit our website, click here

Register below, the submission deadline is December 9th, 2019 Midnight (GMT)

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